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This article's subject relates to Season 5 of 24.

12451 Saticoy Boulevard was the address of an industrial manufacturing facility in Los Angeles. It was occupied as a safe-house by Dawn Brigade terrorists during Day 5.

Day 5[]


Bierko kills Erwich inside the facility

Vladimir Bierko used the building at this address as his base of operations for several hours during Day 5. Ivan Erwich traveled to the building and delivered to Bierko all the canisters of Sentox nerve gas, but was killed for using a container of the gas at the Sunrise Hills Mall without permission. From this location, he then directed his terrorist cell to eliminate James Nathanson and at least two of his co-conspirators ("Alpha 7" and a younger subordinate).

From the basement, Bierko next coerced President Charles Logan to surrender the motorcade route of Russian President Yuri Suvarov, who was in a limousine with his wife Anya Suvarov and the First Lady, Martha Logan. Bierko's men staged an attack, but it failed. Bierko had Andrei and the others rig the canisters there to increase their lethality.

Bierko sent Viktor Grigorin from the building to gas Tyler Memorial Hospital. This attack distracted the government while Ostroff successfully gassed CTU LA.

After Bierko paid Collette Stenger $10,000,000 for the schematics of the Wilshire Gas Company, he and the separatists abandoned the facility. After that point, his terrorist operation was completely mobile. When Collette was captured by a CTU team led by Jack Bauer and Curtis Manning and made a deal for a pardon, she surrendered this address.

A CTU team soon investigated the safe house. At 9:20pm, one of the agents notified Chloe O'Brian at CTU Los Angeles that it was empty, and while a forensics team still searched it, they did not expect to find much. Their only useful lead at the time was Collette Stenger, who framed Audrey Raines as a more important suspect.