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This article's subject relates to Season 7 of 24.

1297 Rincon was the address of an abandoned building located near the industrial corridor of Jefferson, Virginia, where Robert Galvez hid during Day 7. The building was located in the corner of 12th Street and Rincon.

Day 7[edit | edit source]

After shooting Larry Moss and meeting with Tony Almeida to show him the prion variant canister, Robert Galvez hid near this building to avoid being captured by the FBI. Tony then told him to use the C-4 he had given him to rig the building and lure as many agents as possible inside so he could have a chance to escape.

Galvez killed an agent, Stoller, and used his radio to impersonate him and tell the FBI agents that the suspect was inside the abandoned building. When the agents went in, Galvez blew it up, killing some of them and injuring most. Jack Bauer, who was monitoring tactical operations realized it was a trap but it was too late.

1297 Rincon is raided by FBI

After the explosion, he went in to look for Renee Walker. Tony, in the meantime, rendezvoused with Galvez there using the distraction of the explosion. Galvez then smeared himself with blood of a dead agent to masquerade as an injured agent, and Tony helped him outside. After Tony put him on an ambulance, Jack realized he was behind everything and confronted Tony in the street in front of the building, but collapsed in a seizure due to the effects of his prion variant symptoms.

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