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12:00pm-1:00pm (or 12:00-13:00 in 24-hour time) is the thirteenth hour after midnight in a solar day.

24: Legacy season 1 begins and ends at 12:00pm Eastern Time.

24 Declassified: Vanishing Point and 24: Stories begin and end at 12:00pm Pacific Time.


Picture Title Season Episode Production code Airdate
S1e13f6.jpg "Day 1: 12:00pm-1:00pm" 1 13 1AFF12 February 26, 2002
Jack Bauer has a final confrontation with Ira Gaines as he saves his family with Rick's help. David Palmer plans to talk to the D.A. about Dr. George Ferragamo's murder, Carl Webb changes his mind. At CTU, Nina Myers discovers that a second assassin has arrived in LA, which means that Palmer's life is still in danger.
S2e5.jpg "Day 2: 12:00pm-1:00pm" 2 5 2AFF05 November 26, 2002
George refuses to allow Jack to assist in Nina's interrogation. Jack resorts to blackmail to change George's mind. Palmer and Stanton meet with a Middle Eastern ambassador who may be in league with Second Wave. Tony visits the Warner home and questions Reza about his possible connection with Syed Ali.
Jackcries.jpg "Day 3: 12:00pm-1:00pm" 3 24 3AFF24 May 25, 2004
Jack and Chase track down the last vial and Chase makes an incredible sacrifice. Gael's devastated wife visits CTU and seeks vengeance on Saunders. President Palmer makes an unexpected announcement after Sherry's death. The day's events take a toll on Jack.
S4ep6.jpg "Day 4: 12:00pm-1:00pm" 4 6 4AFF06 January 24, 2005
Jack successfully rescues Secretary Heller and Audrey. CTU realizes that the train bombing was a cover up for a much larger attack. Dina's commitment to her cause is tested when Navi reveals his plans for Behrooz.
S5ep6.jpg "Day 5: 12:00pm-1:00pm" 5 6 5AFF06 January 30, 2006
Jack meets with Mike Novick in hopes of gathering evidence against Cummings. Martha begs Aaron Pierce for help while Walt thinks that he is forcing Logan into aiding him with his complicity with the terrorists. Buchanan butts heads with Lynn McGill over a decision to violate the President's orders, while the Russian separatists attempt to escape with the nerve gas.
S06e7.jpg "Day 6: 12:00pm-1:00pm" 6 7 6AFF07 February 5, 2007
Jack Bauer and Phillip Bauer head to Graem's house to interrogate him. Graem reveals his involvement in the assassination of David Palmer. Wayne Palmer refuses Tom Lennox's controversial plans to deny freedoms to Muslim-Americans. Darren McCarthy kidnaps Morris O'Brian and demands he arm the suitcase nukes.
S7e5a.jpg "Day 7: 12:00pm-1:00pm" 7 5 7AFF05 January 19, 2009
When threatening the Prime Minister's security guard doesn't work, Jack uses the ventilation system to smoke the couple out of their safe room. Henry Taylor discovers that his primary Secret Service guard is involved with the conspiracy. Renee gets captured while searching for Bauer and Emerson orders Jack to kill and bury her.
8x21 main.jpg "Day 8: 12:00pm-1:00pm" 8 21 8AFF21 May 10, 2010
With the evidence in hand, Jack Bauer contacts Meredith Reed and asks to meet her, so that she can help expose those responsible. However, CTU intercepts the call, which allows Jason Pillar to assist Pavel Tokarev and his men plan an ambush for the two of them. Arlo Glass secretly teams up with Chloe O'Brian in order to find the identity of an old contact who is aiding Jack.
9x02 main.jpg "Day 9: 12:00pm-1:00pm" LAD 2 9AFF02 May 5, 2014
After escaping from the CIA, Jack tracks Chloe O'Brian back to her new family's hideout and reveals his objective in London. To placate the British, President Heller orders the interrogation of the drone pilot supposedly behind the attack in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the real culprit completes work on a device that will grant its buyer control over several more drones.
10x01 Carter Grimes Photo.jpg "Day 10: 12:00pm-1:00pm" LEG 1 1AZK01 February 05, 2017

Expanded universe[]

The Game[]

Mission Number Synopsis
"Bringing in Lee Jin Yu" 13 As Tony takes Lee Jin Yu back to CTU, his car is attacked and attempts are made to stop him getting the suspect to safety.
"Stopping the Metro Attack" 14 At CTU, Tony is warned of an attack on a Los Angeles Metro station and goes to prevent it. CTU is attacked by an EMP bomb and terrorists take agents hostage.


Title Chapter Synopsis
Operation Hell Gate 16
Veto Power 10
Trojan Horse 8
Cat's Claw 6
Vanishing Point 1
Chaos Theory 17
Storm Force 8
Collateral Damage 6
Trinity 19
Head Shot 10
Death Angel 2
Deadline 20


Title Hour Synopsis
One Shot 3
Midnight Sun 24
Stories 1
Nightfall 13