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167 Foxhall Road was the address of a State Department residence in Washington, D.C.. It contained a reinforced concrete safe room that could only be opened from the inside once locked.

Day 7 Edit


Litvak drives the team's truck out of the driveway

Former Sangalan Prime Minister Ule Matobo and his wife Alama were housed at the residence. Their head of security was Major Eto'o.

At 11:57am, FBI Special Agent Larry Moss contacted Eto'o and told him to lock down the Prime Minister. As Eto'o escorted Matobo and his wife to the safe room, a team led by David Emerson consisting of him, Tony Almeida, Litvak, and Jack Bauer initiated a raid on the residence.

At 12:12pm, Bauer began to fill the safe room with toxic gas via the ventilation system. Less than four minutes later, Alama Matobo opened the door, and she and her husband were abducted.


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