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The entrance to 18166 San Fernando Road.

Jamey Farrell, an intelligence agent at CTU Los Angeles, pulled the address 18166 San Fernando Road off of an encrypted key card during Day 1. Farrell gave the address to Federal Agent Jack Bauer, who decided to go investigate the area himself. Before Jack could leave CTU, District Director George Mason entered the building and ordered a lock-down. Jack punched a guard and slipped out of CTU.

Once at the location, Jack found Greg Penticoff, who was waiting at the address for a phone call. Jack and Penticoff exchanged shots, which were overheard by Officer Jessie Hampton, who called for backup and stopped to investigate. Officer Hampton found Jack, who identified himself and asked her to help. They tracked Penticoff through the building until backup arrived, at which point Penticoff took Officer Hampton hostage and ordered Jack to drop his weapon. Jack spoke to Officer Hampton in Spanish and told her to duck as soon as he dropped his gun. Jack began to lower his firearm and Officer Hampton moved out of the way. Jack rushed Penticoff and tackled him against the wall. He called for Officer Hampton's handcuffs, but looked back and realized that she had been shot and killed.

As police were taking Penticoff into custody, he addressed Jack by name and mentioned Jack's missing daughter, Kim. Jack followed the police to the Van Nuys Precinct to question Penticoff. During his interrogation, Penticoff admitted that he was waiting for a phone call when Jack found him. Jack broke Penticoff out of holding and took him back to 18166 San Fernando Road so that Penticoff would be able to take the call and receive further instructions.

Back at CTU, Mason and the other agents from District ended the lock-down once Jack's name came up on a police frequency at 18166 San Fernando Road.


Day 1

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The House Special Subcommittee's Findings at CTU
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