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1:00am-2:00am is the second hour after midnight in a solar day.


Picture Title Season Episode number Production code Original Airdate
WalshsDeathScene.jpg "Day 1: 1:00am-2:00am" 1 2 1AFF01 November 13, 2001
Jack's plans to find his daughter, Kim, are sidetracked when he gets a call from Richard Walsh, who is being stalked by assassins connected with the David Palmer hit. Mandy passes the ID card on to Ira Gaines. Kim realizes that she and Janet York may be in danger, while Teri Bauer and Alan York search for them.
S2e18.jpg "Day 2: 1:00am-2:00am" 2 18 2AFF18 April 8, 2003
Jack, Kate, Yusuf, and Wallace fight to escape from a deadly band of commandos. Palmer decides to take a stronger stance against the civil unrest resulting from the bomb explosion. Tony's trust in Michelle is broken when he suspects her of betraying him. Kim's worries seem to be over when she learns the charges against her have been dropped.
S3ep13.jpg "Day 3: 1:00am-2:00am" 3 13 3AFF13 February 10, 2004
Nina gives CTU a phone number that ends up initiating a computer worm. Chappelle detains Chloe when she refuses to discuss the baby, but releases her to deal with the computer crisis. Sherry goes to see Julia, but ends up confronting Alan.
S4ep19.jpg "Day 4: 1:00am-2:00am" 4 19 4AFF19 April 25, 2005
Chloe is forced into the field to draw intel from a computer when a woman reports that her boyfriend may be part of the terrorist conspiracy. CTU's efforts to apprehend Marwan are botched when the Secret Service arrives to arrest Jack for torturing Joe Prado. Mike Novick suggests bringing in someone who has experience dealing with terrorist attacks. A nuclear warhead is stolen in central Iowa.
S5e19f03.jpg "Day 5: 1:00am-2:00am" 5 19 5AFF19 April 24, 2006
While Jack comes closer to obtaining the recording from Christopher Henderson, tensions at the President's retreat escalate as Martha grows suspicious of her husband. Meanwhile, Heller and Curtis help in the struggle against Henderson. A surprising new ally joins Buchanan and O'Brian as they continue to assist Jack, and a new antagonist is revealed.
S06e20.jpg "Day 6: 1:00am-2:00am" 6 20 6AFF20 April 30, 2007
The Russians learn too quickly that the Chinese have the circuit board, leading Noah Daniels to suspect a spy. After some investigation, Daniels and Lennox plot to pass misinformation to the Russians through this unsuspecting informant. Nadia struggles with her newfound leadership at CTU when Division and Jack argue on how to handle the traumatized Audrey Raines. Cheng discovers the circuit board is damaged.
KimJackHug1.jpg "Day 7: 1:00am-2:00am" 7 18 7AFF18 April 13, 2009
Tony destroys the canisters. With his leverage gone, Jonas Hodges is taken into custody at the White House. Jack reconciles with his daughter, Kim, but refuses to agree to a possible treatment for his condition that might put her at risk. Larry Moss pursues a rogue Starkwood operative by chopper, but is met with a stunning betrayal.
8x10a.jpg "Day 8: 1:00am-2:00am" 8 10 8AFF10 March 1, 2010
Jack prepares to go to Farhad Hassan's last known location to rescue him. President Taylor warns President Omar Hassan that war may be declared on his country. Hassan is dealing with his own issues when he realizes that his daughter has run away with his former head of security. Cole and Dana have to figure out how to solve the aftermath of the confrontation with Kevin and Nick.

Expanded universe[]

The Game[]

Mission Number Synopsis
"Looking for Kate" 45 While Chase tries to get the CTU hard drive back to base, Jake tries to find Kate and rescue her.
"Protect Chase" 46 After finding Kate, Jack makes sure Chase has safe passage out of the base.


Title Chapter Synopsis
Operation Hell Gate 5
Veto Power 23
Trojan Horse 21
Cat's Claw 19
Vanishing Point 14
Chaos Theory 6
Storm Force 21
Collateral Damage 19
Trinity 8
Head Shot 23
Death Angel 15
Deadline 9


Title Hour Synopsis
One Shot 16
Midnight Sun 13
Stories 14
Nightfall 2