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This article's subject relates to Season 1 of 24.

2127 Grand Avenue was an address in Los Angeles, California. It was located opposite a DWP building.

During Day 1, Victor Drazen offered to trade the life of Jack Bauer for the life of Alexis Drazen. When George Mason accepted the trade, Andre Drazen told him to bring Alexis to this address.

Around 9:54 PM, Alexis' ambulance pulled up to this location, which was a repair garage. Mason wheeled Alexis out of the ambulance, and Drazen's men Serge and Harris placed him in their own van. Mason, furious that they would not immediately give him Jack's location, pulled out his handgun and confronted Serge. But Serge made it clear that they had to let them go, so Alexis could get to his father.

Before the exchange, Mason had placed a tracker on Alexis, and Nina Myers had been tracing his location at CTU. But Harris, the man in the van with Alexis, found it and destroyed it.

Shortly after this exchange, a sniper shot off Jack's restraint, letting him free.

Background information and notes[]

  • A body shop at 21316 Sherman Way, in Canoga Park, was used to film the scenes at this location.