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This article's subject relates to Season 3 of 24.

21904 Collins was the address of a Los Angeles building used by the bio-terrorist mastermind Stephen Saunders as a base of operations during Day 3.

Day 3[]

After Stephen Saunders left a gambling parlor owned by associate Diana White, he went to 21904 Collins to coordinate his scheme to use the Cordilla virus to force President David Palmer to enact his demands. In his apartment at the address, Saunders armed eleven virus couriers — all "true believers" in his mission of disarming the United States — with dispersal weapons stolen from the Ukraine, and sent them to many cities around the country.


Saunders strolls through a CTU cordon around 21904 Collins

Saunders and his subordinate Osterlind succeeded in forcing Palmer to cooperate with several demands, including the execution of Ryan Chappelle. They also coordinated a number of terrorist field operations from there as well. One such mission was a helictoper strike at the LA office of MI6 to kill Diana White. Saunders later diverted a CTU Los Angeles field team to a decoy building, but was eventually tracked down to 21904 Collins. When Osterlind insisted on fleeing, Saunders shot him.

With Jack Bauer and a large force waiting outside the building, Saunders coerced Tony Almeida at CTU to give him a window of escape. The mercenary Kevin and a group of others captured Michelle Dessler, and threatened to murder her if Saunders was not able to escape. Almeida ordered Tom Baker and a CTU group away, and Saunders left the apartment for another base of operations.