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This article's subject relates to Season 7 of 24.

2211 Chesterfield was the address of a house in Washington, D.C..

Day 7[]

Jack holds Morgan at gunpoint in the basement as Emerson and Tony approach

At 11:10am, David Emerson was in the basement with Morgan and Litvak when Tony Almeida called. Emerson gave Tony the address and told him to come there with Jack Bauer. When Tony and Jack arrived at 11:22am, Emerson had his men bring Jack to the basement while he spoke to Tony. Jack went downstairs, but suspected that he was being set up and attacked Morgan and Litvak, then held Morgan at gunpoint. After a tense standoff, Morgan was released and demanded that Emerson kill Jack, but Emerson instead fired three shots at Morgan, killing him.

Emerson, Tony, Jack, and Litvak then used the basement as a staging area for the abduction of Ule Matobo. Chloe O'Brian and Bill Buchanan listened in on the briefing through a device planted by Tony.

Background information and notes[]

  • The actual house used on location is 3307 N Street, NW, Washington DC, which was the residence of JFK and his family up until he moved into the White House in 1961. See Season 7 filming locations.