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This article's subject relates to Season 2 of 24.

221 Canyon View Road was the Simi Valley address of Joseph Wald's hideout, from which he planned the bombing of CTU Los Angeles. It was armed with security cameras, a guard dog, and a panic room, but was apparently not meant to be a permanent residence.

Day 2[]

Jack convinces Wald to let him in

CTU agent Jack Bauer attempted to arrest Wald after tricking him and gaining access. Wald's guard dog suddenly attacked Jack, interrupting the arrest. In the time it took Jack to shoot the dog, Wald fled to his secure panic room. Jack had a verbal standoff with Wald from the other side of the massive steel door. Getting no response, he vainly emptied a shotgun into the door in frustration. After reflection, Wald let Jack in and gave up his source for the schematics he used to plan the bombing, but then shot himself in the head rather than go to prison for his actions. The source was Nina Myers, who became CTU's new lead.

Background information and notes[]

  • Wald's house was in real life located at 18733 Wells Drive, opposite Véloz Avenue. The building has since been re-designed.