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This article's subject relates to Season 6 of 24.

226 Pine Crest Road was the home address of Graem Bauer (the brother of Jack Bauer), his wife Marilyn, and their son Josh, in the town of Indian Falls, California.

Day 6[]

Shortly after 10am, Jack approached Graem as he arrived at his house. Graem invited Jack in and re-introduced him awkwardly to his wife and son, Marilyn and Josh. After Graem ushered Jack into his office, Jack struck him and questioned Graem as to the whereabouts of their father. Jack sensed that Graem was lying, and proceed to tie him to a chair and threaten him with suffocation using a plastic bag. After the interrogation, they left to visit the office of Darren McCarthy at Elegra Global.

Graem returned to the house after he sent two of his henchmen, Irv and an accomplice, to execute Jack and their father. Jack and Phillip killed the thugs and escaped. With Hal Turner and a CTU field team, Jack invaded the house in Indian Falls and captured Graem.

In Graem's office, with interrogation expert Rick Burke, Jack interrogated Graem and found out about Graem's leadership role in the mayhem of Day 5. Phillip later killed Graem while he was still restrained, and made it appear that the death was caused by Jack's harsh interrogation.