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22 North Figueroa was the address of Jacob Rossler's penthouse in Los Angeles.

Before Day 5 Edit

Jacob Rossler had an advanced, proprietary security system in his apartment building. Aside of the security guards at both the lobby and the penthouse level, the system featured a vast array of security cameras, motion detectors, and a network firewall to prevent unauthorized access. ("Day 5: 1:00pm-2:00pm")

Day 5 Edit


Rossler's penthouse apartment

Jacob Rossler was in his penthouse when he came into contact with Ivan Erwich. Erwich asked Rossler for a device to trigger the 20 canisters of Sentox nerve gas. CTU intercepted the call which prompted Jack Bauer and Curtis Manning to arrive at the apartment building. Chloe O'Brian brought Spenser Wolff from detention to help her hack the security system. After going through security, CTU managed to raid the apartment and injure Rossler. They also found Inessa Kovalevsky, a teenager that Rossler had kidnapped to work as his sex-slave.

Jack and Curtis interrogated Rossler about Erwich's whereabouts, but he asked for an immunity deal, transportation to a foreign country, and to keep Inessa. Lynn McGill told Jack to accept the deal and he reluctantly did. While they were preparing to get out, Inessa took a gun and shot Rossler, killing him. This forced Jack to pose as Rossler when Erwich called again.

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