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2350 Dunlop Plaza was an office complex located in Los Angeles, California, adjacent to State Route 134.


The property at 2350 Dunlop Plaza consisted of a main complex, a commercial building, and northern and southern parking garages. The north parking structure was constructed in June of 1978 by Four Sons Construction. The property was later purchased by Weiss Properties, LLC. Langly Security was responsible for the facility's security, including the access codes. ("Day 1: 1:00am-2:00am")

Day 1[]

On the evening before the California primary, Dunlop Plaza was the site of a meeting place between Richard Walsh, the Administrative Director of CTU Los Angeles, and Scott Baylor, a security systems analyst. Walsh secretly met with Baylor to pick up a key card that contained incriminating evidence about the threat against Senator David Palmer.

During the meeting, gunmen shot and killed Baylor. Walsh called Jack Bauer and asked him to come help him. Jack arrived after calling Nina Myers, needing an access code to get in the north garage. Nina relayed the data, stating that the code was 9-1-3-6-7-*. Jack entered and found Walsh hiding on the roof. As the two of them navigated their way through the building, they had a confrontation with the gunmen, who were both killed. Jack cut off a finger of one of the men and took it with him for fingerprint identification.

Jack and Walsh were almost to Jack's car when they were fired on by a sniper. Walsh was hit multiple times, but still passed Jack the key card to give to Jamey Farrell for a source identification. His movement drew more fire from the sniper and he was killed. Jack then drove away onto the freeway, and called Jamey to decrypt the key card and get someone to pick up Walsh' dead body. ("1:00am-2:00am")

Background information and notes[]

  • The building seen in the establishing shots is actually called Glendale Plaza, on 655 North Central Avenue in Glendale. Jack drives away from the building down Frontage Road, past the Chase bank and onto the Ventura Freeway.