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24: Access All Areas was a special aired in the United Kingdom after the showing of Day 2. It was aired on August 3, 2003, and was an hour long.

The special was hosted by 24 fan Natalie Casey. She travelled around Los Angeles visiting major filming locations used during the making of the second season.

24 stars that were on the show include Reiko Aylesworth, Xander Berkeley, Carlos Bernard, Jude Ciccolella, Sarah Clarke, Elisha Cuthbert and Alan Dale. Crew members that made an appearance include Jon Cassar, Rodney Charters, Robert Cochran, Howard Gordon, Jim Lapidus and Joseph Hodges.


Access All Areas 1

Natalie Casey introduces the feature while standing in the spot where Jack crashed his car into the riverbed at the end of "Day 2: 6:00am-7:00am".

She first visits the Matheson family residence, and recaps episode 1 with the scene between Kim and Jack Bauer, and his return to action. A montage of Jack's action plays, and Kiefer Sutherland talks about the difference in the character between Season 1 and 2. Howard Gordon talks about how the writers dealt with the loss of Jack's wife. Costume designer Jim Lapidus talks about the scruffy clothes he was in at the start of the season. Kiefer talks about the "hacksaw" line. Xander Berkeley talks about Jack's second day being as crazy as the first.

Natalie then mentions that Xander and Sarah Clarke were married in real life, and back from their honeymoon in time for Nina's return. Sarah and Xander talk about their interrogation scene, and how they could explain the tans from their holiday. Penny Johnson Jerald talks about the return of Sherry Palmer. Jon Cassar talks about the new characters in the season, and Michelle Forbes explains she was initially signed for 10 episodes, but ended up staying for longer. Alan Dale explains he had one day's notice before appearing on the show, and Debi Manwiller says they need to be careful when casting as small characters often have larger arcs.

Debi Manwiller then talks about how in Season 1 they were criticized for having too many brunettes, so this year they cast blondes. She explains that when casting Marie Warner, they were the only ones who knew what she would do down the line. Jon Cassar says that the ultimate scene of the season was Jack interrogating Nina. Joseph Hodges and Rodney Charters describe gluing polaroids of bullet holes to the wall behind Nina's head during the interrogation.

Access All Areas 2

Natalie Casey then visits the bridge in Downtown LA where Jack watched the bombing of CTU from. She recaps the death of Paula Schaeffer. Reiko Aylesworth reveals that she knew CTU would be bombed, but not who would survive. Jim Lapidus shows the CTU extras clothing before and after the explosion. Carlos Bernard and Joseph Hodges said that they were surprised when after CTU was blown up they had to stay there, and Howard Gordon says it wasn't a popular choice for the network bosses. Jon Cassar then does a tour of CTU after the bombing. Reiko and Carlos talk about their characters' clothing.

Access All Areas 3

Atlas Auto Wreckers is the next stop, and Joel Surnow explains that they try to keep the outrageous 24 moments like the head in the bag. Natalie says there have been 104 deaths so far, or 105 including the dog. Michael Klick says that Kiefer does most of his own stunts. Sarah Wynter recalls the filming of the torture scenes, saying they were very draining. Dennis Haysbert talks about the torture of Roger Stanton, and Kiefer says he was warned about episode 19 when he was tortured. Lourdes Benedicto and Laura Harris talk about flicking to the end of the script to see if they survive each episode. Jim Lapidus shows the costumes of the characters who have died. Joel Surnow says that Jack is the only character who is sacrosant.

The crew then recalls some real life mishaps that occured during production. Howard Gordon says Kiefer split his kneecap, Dennis Haysbert broke a finger pounding a table, and Carlos Bernard broke his ankle playing basketball, but they incorporated it into the script. Elisha Cuthbert and Robert Cochran recount the cougar biting Elisha's hand.

Joel Surnow talks about George Mason being a hated character last season but a hero this year. Xander Berkeley talks about the makeup of the radiation sickness, and Mason's reunion with his son. Robert Cochran says they went through all the things someone would want to do if they had a day to live, which is where the son came from. Surnow mentions the silent clock when George left CTU, and they speak about his death scene.

Natalie Casey then flies over LA in a helicopter, and recaps Sherry's feud with Lynne Kresge. Michelle Forbes talks about Lynne's loyalty, and Penny Johnson Jerald says in one take she threw something at Lynne, but hugged her after the take. Jude Ciccolella describes Sherry as "Lady McDeath", and Dennis Haysbert speaks about her motives.

Reiko Aylesworth and Lourdes Benedicto talk about the Carrie/Michelle storyline, which originally had Carrie as Michelle's lesbian former boss who had sexually harassed her. However, after the first scene they then dropped that storyline and came up with a different backstory.

Natalie Casey then talks about Kim's storyline, and Kiefer Sutherland describes her as the unluckiest girl he has seen in a long time. There is a montage of Kim's misadventures throughout the season. Elisha Cuthbert says that this year she wanted the audience to realise that Kim was a product of Jack Bauer, and could survive on her own without calling him. Robert Cochran and Howard Gordon say it was difficult to come up with things to keep her in the action. Jack's goodbye scene with Kim is then explored.

Natalie explains that the actors are only given two scripts at a time and aren't told what happens next. The cast describe the writing as shocking. The writers say they ask themselves what the one thing that can't happen is, and then try to make it happen. Joseph Hodges says that originally Lynne's demise was written that she climbed out of a ventilation duct and along a ledge, but to build the set would cost $60,000 so they instead had her fall down the staircse. Laura Harris and Sarah Wynter talk about how shocked they were at the Marie Warner twist.

Dennis Haysbert talks about Palmer being on trial. Jon Cassar gives a tour of the District set. Joseph Hodges says he wanted an antiseptic look with small amounts of red. Jim Lapidus shows how the extras clothing reflected the set's colour scheme with just the ties and badges showing color. Michelle Forbes talks about her costume, and how Jim Lapidus built a girdle for her shirt which caused her breasts to pop out.

Access All Areas 4

In the desert scrub, Natalie Casey recaps Nina's storyline this season. Sarah Wynter, Laura Harris and Sarah Clarke talk about their gun training for this season. Sarah Clarke says she didn't have a body double or padding for when she was shot, as she wanted it to feel real. Elisha Cuthbert talks about the scene of her shooting Gary. The actresses talk about learning Arabic, and Sarah Clarke says she was an Italian major in college. Laura Harris says she was constantly being corrected for using Hebrew syllables. Jim Lapidus talks about Marie's clothing and hair changes. Laura says her favorite scene was the interrogation with Kiefer.

Natalie Casey then goes to the filmed location of Kate Warner's house. The cast and crew talk about the 24 "lingering look", and there is a montage of them from throughout Season 2. Natalie then shows the room where Jack and Kate had a tender moment. Sarah Wynter says it would unrealistic if Kate didn't have feelings for Jack, and they speculate about Kate and Jack's future. Carlos and Reiko talk about Tony and Michelle getting together.

The next location is Alex Hewitt's rooftop, and Natalie explains that originally Hewitt was going to run across a road and get hit by a car, but the traffic was too noisy so instead he fell off a ledge. The cast then talk about how hard it is to keep the secrets of the show, and Jon Cassar says that when they sent out script samples to the casting agents for the pilot, someone pieced it all together and put it on the internet before they started shooting. Howard Gordon says they print the script on red paper so it can't be reproduced, and have three different endings.

Natalie Casey then wraps up, with some speculation about what may happen in the final hour of the show.


  • Presenter: Natalie Casey
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