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Agent Down
Release date December 6, 2006
Publisher I-Play
Players 1

24: Agent Down the second game made by I-Play for mobile phones.

The game received a rating of 7.1/10 from GameZone.

Episode guide[]

After a confidential file containing the personal information of all CTU operatives around the world falls in to the hands of an unknown terrorist organization, Jack and his team must track down the missing file and neutralize the terrorist threat before the entire world feels their wrath. Guide Jack, Curtis and Chloe through a series of 24 time-sensitive missions and save the day… again. Just like the television series, time is of the essence; do you chase the fugitive, or defuse the time bomb? Every decision you make can change the fate of the world.

While Jack has technology on his side, he must also engage and disable a number of cunning traps in order to complete his mission. Picking locks, bypassing electrical grids, disabling bombs, and hacking computer systems are just a few of the challenges that stand in between Jack and saving the world.

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