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24: CTU Undercover Board Game box set

The 24: CTU Undercover Game was made by Briarpatch. It was released in April 2007.

Manufacturer's description: "Jack Bauer and the CTU have gone undercover to foil yet another terrorist plot. How will the plot be uncovered' That part is up to you. The game features a unique system to track information on your special PDA game piece. When you place the die cut screen over your PDA to give and get critical information from other players, you get closer to defeating the enemy and winning CTU Undercover."

Box contents[]

  • 24 "Clock" game mat
  • Jack Bauer pawn with base
  • 4 Personal Digital Assistants
  • Pad of PDA tracker sheets
  • 6 PDA faceplates
  • 24 CTU cards
  • Spinner
  • Rule book.