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Season 5 DVD Cover.

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24: Complete Season Five Collection is the Season 5 DVD set for Region 4. This set was released in December of 2006. This set, along with season four was not given a fold-out or three-case release, but was released as a box set initially. Also, the design of the discs were changed. Now, the time of the episodes aren't around the outside of the disc with a character's photo and the usual disc contents, but the character photo is a screenshot and the episode time is in a different place. The back of the cover reads as follows:

"Eighteen months after faking his own death Jack Bauer is forced to return to Los Angeles when it becomes apparent that the only four people who know he is still alive are being systematically targeted for assassination. The assassinations coincide the the signing of an anti-terrorism treaty between Russia and the U.S., leading Jack to suspect a link between the assassinations, the treaty, and a group of Russian terrorists holding hostages at the Ontario Airport. But a shocking and deadly discovery at the airport reveals just how far the terrorists are willing to go and how thoroughly tested the newly signed treaty will be before the day is over."

Disc 1[]

Disc 1.

Character on disc: Jack Bauer

Disc 2[]

Disc 2.

Character on disc: Audrey Raines

Disc 3[]

Disc 3.

Character on disc: Secretary of Defense James Heller

Disc 4[]

Disc 4.

Character on disc: Martha Logan

Disc 5[]

Disc 5.

Character on disc: Curtis Manning

Disc 6[]

Disc 6.

Character on disc: President Charles Logan

Disc 7[]

Special features disc.

Character on disc: Main cast photo for Season 5.

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