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Season 4 DVD Cover.


The reverse of 24: Season 4

24: Complete Season Four Collection is the Season 4 DVD set for Region 4. This set was released in January 2006. It's the first season in Region 4 that did not have a fold-out box or a three-case release, but was first released as a six-disc slimline case originally. In Australia, the season was also released in two parts, each with three discs. The back of the cover reads as follows:

"The terror alert level has just been raised... Although retired from CTU, Jack Bauer finds himself in the middle of a terrorist plot after the U.S. Secretary of Defense and his daughter are kidnapped. But it's soon evident that the kidnapping is part of a much larger plan, for every time Jack thinks he's averted disaster a new and more ominous plot is uncovered. As CTU races to figure out what the terrorists' true objective it becomes clear that the events of this day have been years in the making and only a miracle will disrupt the scheduled attacks that the terrorists hope will bring the country to it's knees."

Disc 1 Edit


An example of a disc included in the set. (Season 4 Disc 1)

Character on disc: Jack Bauer

Disc 2 Edit

Character on disc: Secretary of Defense James Heller

Disc 3 Edit

Character on disc: Audrey Raines

Disc 4 Edit

Character on disc: Tony Almeida

Disc 5 Edit

Character on disc: Michelle Dessler

Disc 6 Edit

Character on disc: Habib Marwan

Disc 7 Edit

Character pictured on disc: Jack Bauer

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