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| name = 24: Complete Season One Collection
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| region = 4

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24: Complete Season One Collection is the Season 1 DVD set for Region 4. This slimline set was released in late 2006, as there were three other releases. The first was in September 2002 in a fold-out box set. Then in 2003 a three case box set was released, with each case containing two discs. In 2004, two three-disc half season sets were released. The back of the cover reads as follows:

There are terrorists planning to assassinate a presidential candidate. My teenage daughter has been kidnapped, and the people that I work with may be involved in both. I'm federal agent Jack Bauer. This is the longest day of my life.
The clock is ticking...

Disc 1


Character on disc: Jack Bauer

Disc 2

Character on disc: Kim Bauer

Disc 3

Character on disc: Ira Gaines

Disc 4

Character on disc: Teri Bauer

Disc 5

Character on disc: Nina Myers

Disc 6

Character on disc: Senator David Palmer

Special features

Previous DVD set:
Current DVD set:
24: Complete Season One Collection
Next DVD set:
24: Complete Season Two Collection
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