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Season 3 DVD Cover.


The reverse side of 24: Season Three

24: Complete Season Three Collection is the Season 3 DVD set for Region 4. This pictured set was released in late 2004. There were three other releases for Season 3: a seven disc fold out box set released in Sepetember 2004, a three case box set released in September 2004 as well and in 2004, half-season sets were also released. The back of the cover reads as follows:

"24 is one of the most innovative and thrilling drama series on television. This time, the terror is contagious. It's been 3 years since CTU Agent Jack Bauer thwarted a terrorist attempt to plunge the United States into war. Now he's back in LA, after working undercover for six months bringing down drug lord, Ramon Salazar. But then the FBI receives a phone call threatening the release of a deadly virus if Salazar isn't released from prison within 6 hours. As CTU races to locate the virus, Jack realises that the only way to prevent additional terrorist demands is to find the source of the virus by breaking Salazar out of prison himself. The clock is ticking..."

Disc 1[]


An example of a disc included in the set. (Season 3 Disc 1)

Character on disc: Jack Bauer

Disc 2[]

Character on disc: President David Palmer

Disc 3[]

Character on disc: Kim Bauer

Disc 4[]

Character on disc: Tony Almeida

Disc 5[]

Character on disc: Michelle Dessler

Disc 6[]

Character on disc: Chase Edmunds

Disc 7[]

Character on disc: Full Cast

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