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Season 2 DVD Cover.

24: Complete Season Two Collection is the Season 2 DVD set for Region 4. This pictured slimline set was released in late 2006. There were three other releases of Season 2: A seven-disc fold out box set released in September 2003, a three case box set, with cases one and two containing two discs and case three containing the seventh special features disc released in April 2004 and in 2004, two three-disc half season sets were released. The back of the cover reads as follows:

"Who do you trust when the people who have sworn to protect you conspire against you? The countdown has begun. Eighteen months after the assassination attempt on his life, Senator Palmer has been elected to the White House. The LA counter terrorist unit (CTU) are informed of the threat and are told to be on high alert. Department Head, George Mason finds himself reluctantly having to call upon the services of retired Special Agent Jack Bauer. CTU have been tipped off that a nuclear bomb is set to detonate somewhere in Los Angeles within the next 24 hours. The clock is ticking... "

24: Season 2 was rated MA15+ in Australia for Medium level violence, adult theme (and medium level coarse language - 7 Disc Edition). It was rated R16 in New Zealand for Violence.

Disc 1[]


An example of a disc included in the set. (Season 2 Disc 1)

Character on disc: Jack Bauer

Disc 2[]

Character on disc: President David Palmer

Disc 3[]

Character on disc: Nina Myers

Disc 4[]

Character on disc: Tony Almeida

Disc 5[]

Character on disc: George Mason

Disc 6[]

Character on disc: Kim Bauer

Disc 7[]

Character on disc: Full cast

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