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* [[Beverly Bryant]] as [[Susan Walker]]
* [[Beverly Bryant]] as [[Susan Walker]]
* [[Steve Kramer]] as [[James Sutton]]
* [[Steve Kramer]] as [[James Sutton]]
* [[Amy Rider]] as [[Kelly]]
* [[Amy Rider]] as [[Kelly (Conspiracy)|Kelly]]
==External links==
==External links==

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An exclusive series created for mobile phones was created in 2005. It features 24 episodes of one minute each. The series was directed by Marc Ostrick and Eric Neal Young. Each episode is shot in real time but the 24 minutes of the entire series are not consecutive.

The episodes also appear on the extras disc of the Season 4 DVD set. It was recently nominated for an emmy for for outstanding original programming for computers, cellphones and other hand-held devices.


The story takes place on the same day as Season 4 and it features Martin Kail, an agent in CTU Washington DC who has to investigate an assasination commited by his former female teammate Susan Walker. Kail is assisted by Special Agent in Charge James Sutton and analyst Kelly.

The series took place on the same day as Day 4, and was connected to the abduction of Secretary of Defense James Heller and his daughter, Audrey Raines.

Episode Guide

Department of Defense agent Donald Frick is killed after he takes Susan Walker back to his hotel room. James Sutton contacts agent Martin Kail in the hunt for rogue agent Susan Walker. Martin originally tries to refuse the assignment of hunting down his former lover Susan Walker. Martin receives an ominous phone call from Susan warning him not to come after her. Martin follows up on a lead as to Susan’s whereabouts with a man named Gerber. He goes to dramatic lengths to prevent Martin’s interrogation. After his death, Martin enlists the help of Kelly in his investigation. Martin captures a suspect, which leads to a confrontation with Susan Walker. She kills the suspect and captures Martin to prevent him from interfering. Martin escapes and interrogates Susan. Susan confides to Martin that she killed Donald Frick because James Sutton. Martin further investigates Sutton’s involvement in the conspiracy and breaks into Sutton’s office in a search for evidence. Sutton finds him there, and tells Martin there are two more DOD agents dead. Later, Susan and Martin meet a contact with access to a high security computer system. Sutton sends men and the contact is killed and a gunfight breaks out. Sutton and Kelly track down Susan and Martin’s whereabouts. Sutton arrests Susan and Martin, and interrogates them. Kelly then comes in to talk to Sutton and kills him. Susan and Martin realize Kelly is behind the conspiracy and break out of custody. Martin goes to confront Kelly and kills her, but not before she seriously injures him. The series ends as Susan yells for medical attention.

Dramatis Personae

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