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The 24 DVD Board Game was made by Pressman and B1 and was released on August 1, 2006.

Manufacturer's description: "Players take on the role of CTU agents, racing time to collect clues and win on-screen "mini-game challenges". Each game begins with a terrorist act--which the CTU agents are then briefed on and given several clues regarding the terrorists' full plans. Each player decides which clues to follow, knowing that some will be dead ends or red herrings. The first player to identify and stop a threat to national security wins.

Throughout the game, the DVD also acts as a timer, counting down the 24 hours to the terrorist attack that the players are working to prevent. A "virtual CTU office" allows players to analyze data. Future expansions are promised, adding new cases to be solved."

Box contents[]

  • DVD
  • Game board
  • Game cards
  • Label sheet
  • Player token

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