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24: Jack Bauer
Release date February 2, 2010
Publisher Digital Chocolate, Inc.
Players 1

24: Jack Bauer was the first 24 mobile game for Blackberry. It was made by Digital Chocolate, Inc..

Each level is introduced with the words 'The following takes place...' and then a green LCD display of the time of day, complete with beeping countdown. To resume your game, meanwhile, you 'continue story' and to visit the extra features menu you select 'previously on 24', making the game as similar to the real show as possible.

Episode guide[]

Official description[]

Jack’s back to tackle an all-new threat! Step into Jack Bauer’s shoes in 24 suspense-packed episodes of 24 action. Confront attackers, fight helicopters, drive vehicles & much more in an intense day full of authentic adrenaline-packed 24 adventure. Go to the edge of disaster as you defuse bombs, break codes and chase cars in the ultimate 24 experience!


  • Step into Jack Bauer’s shoes in 24 full episodes of an all-new story!
  • Take on intense in-the-field action as you chase down attackers, fight helicopters, confront terrorists & much more!
  • Interact and co-operate with ‘24’ regulars like Chloe O’Brian
  • Tackle several mini-game challenges along the way to averting disaster
    • Bomb Defusing
    • Code Breaking
    • Car chasing
    • And more!
  • Experience a full immersion into the world of the show with stunning multi-screen views and great game play