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24: Jack Bauer's Having a Bad Day is a reference book based on Christian views and beliefs.


The book examines each hour of the first series of the show in every chapter, providing groundbreaking "faith truths" about the episode in each chapter, ranging from issues of trust, dependence, and integrity. Using powerful images from the show the book engages the reader to "explore the truth of God relative to core spiritual concepts of faith and apply their findings to events in the very real time of our days."

The book contains highlights from the first season relived by viewers while exploring faith truths that will energize spiritual life. It also contains Christ's life-changing message, presented in a "creative, compelling way, and backed by in-depth explorations of specific Scriptures that deal with the life of faith."

Most chapters begin with a snippet from the 24 plot line before exploring the spiritual implications. At the back of the book is a reader's guide with 5 study questions per chapter for personal or group use. While not every "faith truth" discussed in the book is obviously present in the plot line, each one bears important insight for Christian living.


In general, the book has been received positively, gaining a four and a half star rating on

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