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24: Nightfall is a five-issue comic book miniseries, detailing the events of Operation Nightfall.


Two years before his winning of the California Primary, Senator David Palmer is waiting at the Hart Senate Office Building, expecting to hear from the President of the United States. Jack Bauer and his Special Ops team have parachuted into Kosovo under Palmer's orders to eliminate mass murderer Victor Drazen. But the future CTU agent is about to learn that whilst running a covert operation, he should rely on only a few people; and trust even fewer. Things heat up for Bauer and his team behind enemy lines in former Yugoslavia whilst the politics of Washington put all the elements of Operation Nightfall into jeopardy.


Picture Time Issue Number Release Date
NightfallCover1.jpg 6:00pm-10:00pm 1 November 22, 2006
David Palmer authorised the Nightfall mission, and Jack Bauer's Delta Strike team land in Serbia. They meet up with their first contacts, David and Anna Petrovic. Victor Drazen is alerted of the situation, and sends some men to take out Bauer's team. However, the latter are one step ahead.
NightfallCover2.jpg 10:00pm-2:00am 2 December 13, 2006
Victor Drazen's men approach the barn where Jack Bauer and his Delta Strike team are located. Once the firefight is complete, Bauer and his team travel to meet their second informant, provided by David and Anna Petrovic. Meanwhile, Senator David Palmer attends a fundraiser, which he has to leave to monitor the situation in Serbia. Robert Ellis is found by the authorities.
NightfallCover3.jpg 2:00am-6:00am 3 January 10, 2007
Jack Bauer attempts to continue the mission without the help of Robert Ellis. Senator David Palmer is questioned on his actions by Charles Logan who attended his fundraiser. Robert Ellis gets back in action. Tony Webster, working for Drazen, continues to monitor the team's actions through Jones. Anna finds a way to get through a guard post. The team is attacked when they reach the location of their informant.
NightfallCover4.jpg 6:00am-10:00am 4 February 14, 2007
Jack Bauer meets with the informant, Jovan Tesla. The team escape the raid by Victor Drazen's men. Sherry Palmer questions David on what he has been doing. Victor Drazen continues the search for the team. Tesla leads the team to Alexander Lepenski, who helps them find Drazen's base.
NightfallCover5.jpg 10:00am-6:00pm 5 March 28, 2007
Jack Bauer and his team return to Drazen's base to confirm their explosion killed the man. Anna Petrovic shoots Alexander Lepenski, Ronnie Pope and Al Crenshaw. Bauer kills her before she can kill anyone else. The remaining members of the team go back in to make sure Drazen died. Bauer escapes as the only man left living from the carnage the day has brought.

Dramatis personae[]

Washington, D.C.[]

Langley, Virginia[]

Belgrade, Serbia[]

Delta Strike team[]


Issue #1 was published with four different covers: 1-A, by Joe Corroney and Dave Bryant; 1-B, by Jean Diaz; RI-A, a "sketch" version of 1-B; and RI-B, a "sketch" version of 1-A.

Issues #2-#4 were all released with 2 different covers, "Cover A" by Corroney and "Cover B" by Diaz.

Issue #5 was released with both covers made by Corroney, with the second being a sketch version of the first. [1] Issue #5 was also released with a retail incentive, which, when placed in the correct order with all of Corroney's previous Cover As, create a 24 mosaic poster. [[2]]

Background information and notes[]

  • Operation Nightfall was previously described by Jack Bauer during his debrief in the novel 24: The House Special Subcommittee's Findings at CTU. The names of Jack's unit members and all the events are completely different, however, since that novel was written before Season 3 introduced the character of Stephen Saunders and his participation in the mission.
  • The day begins at 6:00pm Eastern Time, midnight Central European Time.
  • The first four issues cover four hours each during the events of Operation Nightfall, with Issue #5 covering eight hours, covering a total of 24 hours.

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