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Season 4 of 24 was released in the United Kingdom on August 8, 2005. It contains all 24 episodes from Season 4 on six discs, and audio commentaries, deleted scenes, and several hours of bonus features on the 7th disc. All episodes are presented in Anamorphic Widescreen (1.78:1).

Discs Edit

24 Season Four Region 2

Cover of the second version released in the Netherlands

Disc OneEdit

Character pictured on Disc: Jack Bauer

Disc TwoEdit

Character pictured on Disc: James Heller

Disc ThreeEdit

Character pictured on Disc: Audrey Raines

Disc FourEdit

Character pictured on Disc: Tony Almeida

Disc FiveEdit

Character pictured on Disc: Michelle Dessler

Disc SixEdit

Character pictured on Disc: Habib Marwan

Disc SevenEdit

Character pictured on Disc: Jack Bauer


  • All of the deleted/extended scenes are on the bonus disc, unlike any of the other boxsets where the scenes are with the related episode.
  • This set contains significantly different bonus features than the U.S. release:
    • Has only 2 of the 12 commentary tracks found on the U.S. set
    • Contains the short film "Exit"
    • Does not include the Season 5 Prequel or its making-of featurette
    • Does not include the 24: Conspiracy episodes

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