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24: Special Ops
Release date October 11, 2008
Publisher Digital Chocolate, Inc.
Players 1

24: Special Ops was the third game for mobile phones. It was made by Digital Chocolate, Inc.. There was also a version of the game created for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Each level is introduced with the words 'The following takes place...' and then a green LCD display of the time of day, complete with beeping countdown. To resume your game, meanwhile, you 'continue story' and to visit the extra features menu you select 'previously on 24', making the game as similar to the real show as possible.

Episode guide[]

Official description[]

Jack’s back and time’s ticking: Step into Jack Bauer’s shoes for a suspense-packed 24 hours of in-the-field action, combined with code breaking, bomb defusing and car chasing.


Gameplay in Special Ops

Like I-play's original 24 game, this consists of a series of mini-games based on the show. The plot concerns nuclear warheads, helicopters, code-cracking, bomb-disposal and an arms dealer, Dietrich, all of which you either enact as Jack Bauer or learn about through talking-head cut-scenes with fellow operatives Bill Buchanan and Chloe O'Brian.

There are three main sub-games, the most significant of which is the isometric shooter, where the player spends the majority of their time, making their way through a series of levels taking down various henchmen. Waist-high objects function as cover in these environments, and players automatically duck when they approach them. Power-ups, such as the submachine gun, you fire automatically, while the Kevlar vest grants them health.

The second kind of sub-game is driving, which involves barrelling vertically along a four lane road, weaving through traffic and occasionally barging another driver off the road.

The third sub-game is puzzle. There are two kinds: one in which you have to rotate pieces of pipe on a grid so that a line can run from one side of the screen to the other, and the second is a variant of hangman in which you need to discover the missing letters in a phrase before a timer runs down.


The 24 levels are supplemented by a bonus system whereby you unlock special features by gaining various awards, which include finding hidden laptops, killing enemies with grenades and reaching a variety of other milestones.

In-game controls[]

Mobile Phone[]

  • Keys 2, 4, 6, 8: Move.
  • Key 5: Shoot
  • Key 0: Throw a grenade.
  • Keys 4, 6: steer your vehicle.
  • Key 8: Brake.
  • Key 5: Interact in the mini games
  • Keys 2, 4, 6, 8: Move the cursor.

iPhone and iPod Touch[]

  • Tap Arrows: Move
  • Tap Screen: Shoot
  • Tap Grenade: Throw a grenade
  • Tilt Device: Steer vehicle

There are various other controls that are used in mini games such as tapping the screen and rotating your finger.