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24: Terrorism Through Television is a book written by author Rich Jepson. It is an investigation into 24 and its relation to politics, terrorism and interrogation in the 21st century.

Book description[edit | edit source]

Terrorism is arguably the biggest threat facing the world today. The politics of fear, the intimidation of homeland security and the disguise of foreign enemies are all issues, which play on the minds of citizens within the western world. As with every problem facing a society the issues surrounding the subject have been visualised within our entertainment industries for our pleasure and understanding. The films we watch, television shows we tune into and the music we listen to have all reflected our fears and anger towards the course of terror. One programme, more than any other, has been at the frontline of America’s echoed uncertainties and thirst for understanding and that show is called 24 Inside 24 Terrorism Through Television you will discover how the groundbreaking series has uncovered many truths about terrorist activity and how the actions of Jack Bauer and CTU parallel the real world.

Chapter list[edit | edit source]

  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • 1. We Are Running Out Of Time
  • 2. The Politics Of The Presidency
  • 3. Crisis, Response & Resolution
  • 4. Creating Terror
  • 5. Radical Enemies
  • 6. Using Communications as Weapons
  • 7. Torture and Interrogation
  • 8. Everyone Breaks Eventually
  • 9. Redemption and Rwanda
  • 10. Time's Up
  • Bibliography
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