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24: The Fragrance is a fragrance inspired by 24 and its central character, Jack Bauer. It was launched in June 2009, first marketed exclusively in the Middle East, then progressively in the rest of the world throughout 2010.

24: The Fragrance launched first in Virgin Megastore in Dubai then progressively rolled out across other selective retailers in the world: Switzerland, Chile, Paraguay, Portugal, Chile, Hungary, United Kingdom, USA, Near-East and Middle-East. More countries to come soon.

History[edit | edit source]

2009[edit | edit source]

Different shots of the fragrance

According to ScentStory, the fragrance will "encapsulate the energy and drive of the show, as well as the strong, self-assured character of Bauer. The bottle and packaging have been designed with a robust, masculine look to complement the structure of the scent."

Carl Lumbard, SVP and MD of 20th Century Fox L&M, said

When ScentStory approached us with the 24 fragrance proposal, we were immediately impressed by the potent brand synergy it would create. The resulting fragrance and packaging reflects the key brand values of 24 and encapsulates the strong, tough, self-assured character of Jack Bauer, the central star of the show. Our partnership with ScentStory is key to the long-term success of 24 The Fragrance and we have every confidence in their ability to continually innovate and develop the concept further. We are extremely excited to introduce this fragrance to you. Inspired by Jack Bauer and the award-winning TV show, the fragrance captivates the essence of 24: a dynamic, masculine fragrance presented in an innovative yet refined bottle & packaging. Importantly, we are confident that fans of 24 – especially fans of Jack Bauer – will be enlivened by this unique proposition, taking their 24 brand experience to a new level.

24: The Fragrance is made in France and available as a 100ml Edt at a retail price of USD 68.00 and a 50ml Edt at USD 48.00.

2010[edit | edit source]

In 2010, "24 Gold" was released.
In 2011, "24 Platinum" was released.
In 2012, "24 Go Dark" was released.

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