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This is a production article written from an out-of-universe perspective

24: The Unofficial Guide is the first of five reference books to cover season 1, written in a lively style by "a writer who happens to be a fan."

Who's Who?[]

Brief character refreshers, as well as information on the biographical and career highlights of some of the actors. Certain key members of the creative team are also included. (Crew members and guest stars are also highlighted throughout the book, as part of the episode guide.)

Actors and Characters[]


The Making of 24[]

Two pages on the behind-the-scenes pilot creation process, including snippets of interviews with Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran.

Episode Guide[]

Each episode includes a production code, list of cast and crew, and detailed event summary. Other features are:

  • Who's Who? - Career highlights of one or two notable guest actors.
  • Time Checks - Notes every instance of time being mentioned on screen.
  • Music - Notes music from sources other than Sean Callery's score.
  • Death Count - A running tally of the body count.
  • Trivia - Names and numbers appearing in the show, such as license plates, passwords, phone numbers, and so on.
  • Comment - Page-long elaboration of a topic relating to a given episode.
  • Questions Arising - Questions unanswered in a given episode. (Sangster: "Some are just instances of me being bloody-minded, for which I apologize in advance.")

The Last Word[]

Rumors about season 2.

Supporting Characters[]

Additional character snapshots, saved for the end of the book to preserve the surprise for those who have not seen every episode of season 1.


Works cited in the book and other sites of interest. These include: