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24: Underground, originally titled 24, is a 2014 24 comic series from IDW Publishing, set between the events of season 8 and 24: Live Another Day. The first issue was released on April 23, 2014, with further issues published monthly.

Official synopsisEdit

Jack Bauer lives again! Before the Emmy Award-winning drama returns to your television with Live Another Day, find out what the heroic agent has been up to in the several years following the events of the final season. Re-starting the clock on the high-octane saga are writing sensation Ed Brisson (Secret Avengers) and Eisner Award nominee Michael Gaydos (Alias).


Cover Issue Release Date
Comics-idw-24-1 Issue #1 April 23, 2014
Several years after becoming a fugitive from the U.S. and Russian governments, Jack Bauer lives a quiet life under an assumed identity in Odessa, Ukraine, where he has found work as a longshoreman and a new love. A plea for help from his friend and colleague Petro, saddled with his dead brother's debts to the Russian mafia, unexpectedly brings Jack face-to-face with an adversary from his former life, and also threatens to expose his whereabouts to CIA agents tasked with bringing him to justice.
24 Issue 2 Issue #2 May 28, 2014
The CIA comes a step closer to locating Jack Bauer. After escaping from the mob's clutches, Jack and Petro Vlacic race to protect Petro's family.
24 3 cover Issue #3 June 25, 2014
24 Underground 4 Issue #4 July 16, 2014
24 Underground 5 Issue #5


Background information and notesEdit

  • According to the Issue #1 cover art, Jack Bauer is 48 years old at the time of the news report. This would set the first issue sometime after February 18, 2014.

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