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6 suspects, 1 traitor, 9 weapons...24 hrs to prevent the attack

24 Clue box

24 Clue is a board game released by USAopoly in March 2009.

"Intelligence has revealed an imminent attack on the U.S. that will occur within 24 hours. CTU is ordered to LOCKDOWN. Six agents are left inside and one is the traitor, who is planning the next attack. It is up to you and Jack Bauer to reveal...WHO the traitor is, WHAT attack is planned and WHERE inside CTU it will be launched. Do you have what it takes to expose the traitor and save the country? Every second counts..."

The game is a 24-themed variant on the classic board game Cluedo. Players are suspected of being a traitor in CTU, and they must collect clues and eliminate options to find out the correct person, weapon and room.


There are 6 playable characters in the game:

  1. Audrey Raines - Department of Defense inter-agency liaison
  2. Bill Buchanan - Special Agent in Charge, Los Angeles domestic unit
  3. Chloe O'Brian - Senior analyst, Los Angeles domestic unit
  4. Mike Doyle - Director of Field Operations
  5. Nadia Yassir - Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Los Angeles domestic unit
  6. Tony Almeida - Private security technology

There are 9 weapons:

The weapon cards

  1. "Airport tower" - Ground all U.S. aircraft
  2. "Bus" - Halt all U.S. public transport
  3. "Computer" - Steal weapon launch codes
  4. "CTU badge" - Make all government agents' identities public
  5. "ID card" - Erase millions of identities
  6. "Money" - Wipe out U.S. Bank records
  7. "Power plant" - Overload a power grid to create a blackout
  8. "Satellite" - Scramble government satellite signals
  9. "Wall Street sign" - Crash the stock market

There are 9 rooms:

The board

  1. Tech center
  2. Field ops office
  3. The Bullpen
  4. Panic room
  5. Situation Room
  6. Jack's car
  7. Holding cell
  8. Director's office
  9. Medical clinic

There are secret passages between Jack's car and the Field ops office, and between the medical clinic and the panic room.

There are also "intrigue" cards, which add a countdown element to the game. They give the players extra abilities, such as being able to see certain cards or move more spaces. There are also "personality" cards which may be used once per game - they appertain to your character's personality, for example Mike Doyle's is "ruthless and short-tempered", with the quote "It doesn't matter who gets hurt. It's just a means to an end".

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