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24 Season 2: The Unofficial Guide is the follow-up reference book to 24: The Unofficial Guide, covering season 2 and including more exclusive information (such as the interviews and drinking game).

Personnel FilesEdit

The personnel files contain brief character refreshers, as well as information on the biographical and career highlights of some of the actors. Certain key members of the creative team are also included. (Crew members and guest stars are also highlighted throughout the book, as part of the episode guide.)

Actors and CharactersEdit


In ConversationEdit

While in London promoting the United Kingdom DVD release, Dennis Haysbert and Leslie Hope were interviewed.

Previously on 24Edit

Short synopses of each episode in season 1.

The EpisodesEdit

Each episode includes a production code, list of cast and crew, and detailed event summary. Other features are:

  • Haven't I Seen You Somewhere Before? - Career highlights of one or two notable guest actors.
  • Behind the Camera - Career highlights of the episode's writer and/or director.
  • Time Checks - Notes every instance of time being mentioned on screen.
  • Fashion Police - Critiques the costuming, and notes when costumes change.
  • The Perils of Kim - Summary of Kim's storyline.
  • It's Not Easy Being Jack - Summary of Jack's storyline.
  • Great Lines - One to five quotable lines of dialogue.
  • Death Count - A running tally of the body count.
  • Trivia - Usually real-life information on government agencies or weapons.
  • Debrief - Critique of each episode, including a numerical rating (Pulse Rate) and Questions Arising.

Awards and NominationsEdit

A list of awards and nominations for the first two seasons of 24.

Internet SitesEdit

A short list of notable web sites useful for information and discussion.

The 24 Drinking GameEdit

Take a drink whenever certain notable/recurring events happen on screen.

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