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The 24 Trading Card Game is a competitive strategy game from Press Pass, Inc. where players control characters and situations from the world of 24. Each card represents an element of the 24 universe, such as a character, a piece of equipment, or an event. Card art and creative content are drawn entirely from the show. Winning requires sending your characters on dangerous missions; succeeding in a mission brings you closer to the goal of scoring 24 points before your opponent.

Players assemble and customize their own 24-card decks from the hundreds of cards available. Many tournaments use multiple-deck formats, allowing competitors to play their best CTU and insurgent decks at the same event. Unique "Agenda" cards offer game-changing effects for little cost thanks to the way they use visible countdowns as a form of time pressure, and the "war card" combat mechanic helps prevent situational or specialized cards from going dead in a player's hand.

Press Pass cancelled the game and closed its official website in April 2008.


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An example of a card

  • Day 0 Tactical Packs (released August 15, 2007) - Each blind-packaged Tactical Pack contains a small rules sheet and one of six complete, playable decks built from a pool of 96 fixed-rarity cards. The decks represent six different 24 characters as well as the TCG's six specialties. In addition, each Tactical Pack contains a 26th card drawn at random from a separate pool of 24 Day 0 Elite foils.
  • Basic Training starter set (released August 15, 2007) - This two-person learn-to-play set contains the Jack Bauer and Phillip Bauer Day 0 Tactical Packs complete with random Elites, along with a special promotional card of each character, for a total of 54 cards. Playmats and a bigger, more complete rulebook are also included.
  • First Edition Booster Packs (released September 26, 2007) - First Edition is a much larger set with many more scarce cards. A booster pack contains eight commons, three uncommons, and one rare, and there are 243 cards among those first three rarities. One out of eight packs has a common replaced by a foil Chase (alternate-art) or Elite (gameplay-exclusive) and there are 24 of each of those super-rares.
  • Spec Ops (was to be released Winter 2007) - First Expansion.
  • Crossfire (was to be released Summer 2008) - Second Expansion.
  • Day 1 Tactical Packs (was to be released Summer 2008)
  • Master Plan (was to be released Fall 2008) - Third Expansion.

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