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24 pinball is a pinball machine manufactured by Stern Pinball in 2009.

The artwork features Jack Bauer and Chloe O'Brian, with imagery from the sixth season.


The machine has several interactive features on the playfield:

  • A safe house, which opens to reveal soldiers inside
  • A building which opens to reveal a sniper
  • A suitcase nuke
  • A helicopter and fighter plan

The rules are as follows:

  • CTU lanes - complete the top lanes to spell C-T-U and advance your bonus multiplier
  • Sniper Hurry-Up - shoot the pop bumpers to or sniper to start
  • SNIPER HURRY-UP - shoot the sniper to collect the HURRY-UP and start Sniper Multiball
  • Suitcase Multiball - shoot the left ramp to qualify the suitcase, shoot the right ramp to lock balls in the suitcase and start Suitcase Multiball
  • Terrorist Hurry-Up - shoot the drop targets to or the safe house to start TERRORIST HURRY-UP. Shoot the safe house to collect the HURRY-UP and start Safe House Multiball
  • Mole - hit the mole targets to to start MOLE HURRY-UP. Shoot the left ramp to collect the HURRY-UP and light MOLE X multipliers
  • 24 missions - advance missions by shooting the lit 24 arrows or by completing the CHLOE targets
  • CELL lanes - complete the bottom lanes to spell C-E-L-L and light the cell phone target. Shoot the lit CELL PHONE target for a mystery award.

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