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2:00pm-3:00pm (or 14:00-15:00 in 24-hour time) is the fifteenth hour after midnight in a solar day.


Picture Title Season Episode Production code Airdate
1x15a "Day 1: 2:00pm-3:00pm" 1 15 1AFF14 March 12, 2002
Jack and Palmer finally meet face to face and learn of their connection through Operation Nightfall, a mission that Palmer had authorized years before. They work together to track down those who are seeking revenge on them, and Teri and Nina have a revealing conversation about Jack at the safe house.
S2e7 "Day 2: 2:00pm-3:00pm" 2 7 2AFF07 December 10, 2002
Jack forces Nina to help with a sting operation against her contact in the hopes that he can lead them to the bomb. Palmer and Mike try to gauge Stanton's loyalty when they investigate the chopper crash. George has a final conversation with his son.
S3ep2 "Day 3: 2:00pm-3:00pm" 3 2 3AFF02 November 4, 2003
Chase and Jack argue about Chase's relationship with Kim. Kyle Singer's girlfriend leaves him when she finds out he's dealing drugs. Wayne Palmer approaches the President with potentially damaging information about his girlfriend. Someone at CTU isn't who they seem to be.
S4ep8 "Day 4: 2:00pm-3:00pm" 4 8 4AFF08 February 7, 2005
Jack and Audrey hide out with Tony, who has been left by Michelle, while Jack tries to figure out which CTU employee is working with the terrorists. Behrooz and Dina Araz go to a hospital, but leave when the police are called. CTU discovers a security breach which was why Jack and Audrey were endangered.
S5ep8 "Day 5: 2:00pm-3:00pm" 5 8 5AFF08 February 13, 2006
Jack poses as Rossler, the programmer, and manages to trace one of the Sentox nerve gas canisters, but he goes against the President's orders when the terrorists target a shopping mall. President Logan and Martha argue when she learns that he intends to cover up the real reason for Walt Cummings's suicide.
S06e09 "Day 6: 2:00pm-3:00pm" 6 9 6AFF09 February 12, 2007
Morris is brought back to CTU with Jack. Abu Fayed contacts Dmitri Gredenko, a Cold War General, who is in L.A. and has been planning the day's events. Assad begins work on a statement to address his people in Washington, D.C. Marilyn is coerced into leading Jack into a trap by Phillip, who has taken Josh Bauer hostage.
7x07mainimage "Day 7: 2:00pm-3:00pm" 7 7 7AFF07 February 2, 2009
Janis Gold assists the manager of a pesticide plant in Kidron, Ohio, the target of Dubaku's next attack. Bill, Tony, Jack, Chloe, and Renee work together to take out Dubaku's operation headquarters and destroy the CIP device. President Taylor is informed that her husband has gone missing.
8x23 "Day 8: 2:00pm-3:00pm" 8 23 8AFF23 May 24, 2010
Cole, Arlo, and Chloe make a final attempt to expose the coverup at the UN. Kayla Hassan relays to her mother the information Meredith Reed gave her concerning the people really behind her husband's death. She precedes to confront President Taylor about this alligations and is given disturbing news. After sneaking past the security perimeter, Jack Bauer aims a sniper rifle at someone across the street.
Lx04 main "Day 9: 2:00pm-3:00pm" 9 4 9AFF04 May 19, 2014
Jack Bauer makes an attempt to get the information from Tanner's flight key to Chloe while barricaded in the U.S. Embassy's communications room. Meanwhile, the Marines and the CIA try to flush him out on the orders of President James Heller. Margot brutally puts a stop to Naveed's plan to leave with Simone.

Expanded universe Edit

The GameEdit

Mission Number Synopsis
"To The Roof" 17 Jack follows Madsen to the roof to try to rescue Kim.
"Chase Undercover" 18 Undercover, Chase helps Madsen escape the police across Los Angeles.
"Reboot" 19 Tony and Michelle reboot CTU's central server.


Title Chapter Synopsis
Operation Hell Gate 18
Veto Power 12
Trojan Horse 10
Cat's Claw 8
Vanishing Point 3
Chaos Theory 19
Storm Force 10
Collateral Damage 8
Trinity 21
Head Shot 12
Death Angel 4
Deadline 22


Title Hour Synopsis
One Shot 5
Midnight Sun 2
Stories 3
Nightfall 15
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