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==351 Old Mill Road==
|image = [[File:351oldmillroad.jpg|300px]]
|location = [[Valencia]], [[Santa Clarita]]
|type = Warehouse
|seasons = [[Season 6|6]]
|firstseen = {{ep|6x02}}
|lastseen = {{ep|6x04}}}}
'''351 Old Mill Road''' was the address of a warehouse in [[Valencia]], a community within the city of [[Santa Clarita]], California. It was located at coordinates 34.4256, -118.5415.
'''351 Old Mill Road''' is an address in [[Valencia]]. On [[Day 6]], this location housed one of the five [[Suitcase Nuke]]s. Just prior to 10:00am the device was detonated on site.
== Day 6 ==
On Day 6, this location was used as a staging grounds for attacks by [[Abu Fayed|Abu Fayed's]] terrorist cell in [[Los Angeles]]. [[Nasir Trabelsi]], a suicide bomber, prepared for his mission to destroy a [[Los Angeles Subway]] station at this warehouse. He departed from the spot with his handler, [[Masheer Abu-Marzuq]]. Soon, [[Hasan Numair]] rendezvoused with the terrorists there.
==For More Infromation==
[[Ray Wallace]], forced to transport a technical component for [[Ahmed Amar]], came to this address and handed it to Fayed. As Hasan Numair then worked to arm the first of five [[suitcase nuke]]s, Fayed then left the place in charge of his lieutenant, [[Sabir Hussain]], and moved to another safe-house. Ray remained with the others as a prisoner. When the [[CTU]] [[TAC team]] began their raid on the warehouse, they garrotted and knocked out some perimeter guards, but [[Fayed_terrorist|one sentry]] observed the intruders and alerted the main group. A shootout ensued, and the surviving terrorists knew they were cornered. To prevent its capture, the device was detonated prematurely by Numair, destroying the warehouse as well as every other building within a half mile radius and killing at least 12,000 people.
|6x02=yes |6x03=yes |6x04=yes
{{DEFAULTSORT:Old Mill Road, 351}}
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