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4332 Florence Avenue was the address of an apartment building in Los Angeles, California.

Day 6 Edit

After kidnapping Morris O'Brian and escaping from CTU surveillance, Darren McCarthy received a phone call from Abu Fayed in which Fayed changed the location of their meeting to Apt. 621 at 4332 Florence Avenue. There, Fayed, Taj, and a number of other terrorists were waiting with a second suitcase nuclear device. Rita Brady, having realized her advantageous place in the scheme, then killed McCarthy so as to keep the $7 million payoff for Morris for herself. At the location, Morris was tortured with a power drill when he refused to build the activator for the suitcase nukes. Morris only agreed to help after Rita was murdered by Fayed.

When CTU discovered that Fayed was operating at this address, they had the fire alarms set off to find out which apartment the terrorist sub-cell was hiding in. Taj and the other terrorists were all killed during the subsequent raid led by Jack Bauer, but Fayed escaped through a hidden tunnel with the activator. Fayed also left the second suitcase nuke there, fully armed and counting down to detonate. Jack, guided by Chloe O'Brian's technical expertise, disarmed the weapon.

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