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This article's subject relates to Season 5 of 24.

5714 Tarrowood Drive was the home address of Christopher and Miriam Henderson in Toluca Lake.

Day 5[edit | edit source]

Shortly after 5:00pm, Chloe O'Brian hacked into Henderson's computer, and confirmed that he was heading home to flee with his wife after his attempted murder of Jack Bauer. Bill Buchanan wanted to send a TAC team to apprehend Henderson, but Jack persuaded Bill that he should go in alone. Jack confronted Miriam, who was home alone washing vegetables, and tried in vain to get information from the confused and frightened woman. Jack revealed to Miriam that her husband was involved in an extremely dangerous conspiracy, but she was unable to accept his claim.

When Christopher arrived with a suitcase, Jack subdued and confronted him, and demanded that he expose his part in the Sentox nerve gas conspiracy. Henderson refused repeatedly. Jack then shot Miriam above her knee, and threatened to harm her more to force Christopher to speak, but he still refused to talk. Now Miriam realized that Jack's accusations about her husband were true, and was shocked that Christopher was willing to let her endure more pain. Jack gave up to tend to Miriam's wound until the ambulance arrived, and ordered Chloe O'Brian to prepare a hyoscine-pentothal interrogation back at CTU Los Angeles.

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