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This article's subject relates to the 24 expanded universe.

62837 West Vista Road was the location of Joseph Sin-Chung's base during the events of The Game. One of the buildings on the base was the Harris Building.

Shortly after 11pm, Peter Madsen instructed undercover agent Chase Edmunds to kill Jack Bauer and then proceed to 62837 West Vista Road. Chase calls Madsen a few minutes later telling him that Jack was dead. Chase heads to the base, managing to sneak Jack inside. They break in and Jack sneaks into the tech room and pulls the stolen CTU hard drive from the computer. This triggers an alarm and they have to shoot their way out.

Jack learned that Kate Warner was there and told Chase to take the hard drive to CTU while he went off in search of her. He found her but heard the terrorists over the radio plan to go after Chase. He told Kate to stay where she was. He then broke into the Harris Building, killed a sniper, took the sniper's rifle and then shot down Chase's pursuers from the base.