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7:00am-8:00am is the eighth hour after midnight in a solar day.

Day 4 and Day 5 both begin and end at 7:00am PT. 24 Declassified: Cat's Claw begins at 7:00am PST, while 24 Declassified: Collateral Damage begins and ends at 7:00am EDT.


Picture Title Season Episode Production code Airdate
S1e08f1 "Day 1: 7:00am-8:00am" 1 8 1AFF07 January 15, 2001
Nina and Tony realize that Jamey is working for Gaines, and lock her up in the Internal Technical Support room. Using instructions and equipment from Gaines, Jack gets in to see David Palmer's appearance at the San Clarita power plant, but is taken into custody by the Secret Service. Gaines executes Plan B.
S2e24f14 "Day 2: 7:00am-8:00am" 2 24 2AFF24 May 20, 2003
Jack uses Sherry to lure Peter Kingsley out into the open, where he reveals the recording is false. Palmer's attorney convinces Mike Novick to release Palmer from custody. Palmer and his cabinet gather to watch as Sherry meets with Kingsley. Mike orders Ryan Chappelle to reinstate Tony and Michelle. Jack sends Sherry in for the meeting with Kingsley, and he is killed. An assassination attempt is made on Palmer's life by Mandy.
S3ep19 "Day 3: 7:00am-8:00am" 3 19 3AFF19 April 20, 2004
Kim goes undercover in a mission that may help CTU gain a bargaining tool for Stephen Saunders. Chase finds the man who left the hotel. CTU learns that the virus has begun to spread to the general public. Saunders makes another demand.
S4ep1 "Day 4: 7:00am-8:00am" 4 1 4AFF01 January 9, 2005
A train is bombed in Santa Clarita, killing dozens of civilians. While at CTU for a budget meeting, ex-agent Jack Bauer becomes involved in the attempt to stop the terrorist group responsible for the bombing after learning that their next target is his new boss, Secretary of Defense James Heller and his new girlfriend, Audrey Raines.
Assassinated "Day 5: 7:00am-8:00am" 5 1 5AFF01 January 15, 2006
Eighteen months after faking his death, Jack Bauer, who's assumed the name Frank Flynn, returns to Los Angeles after the four people who know he's alive come under attack. President Charles Logan prepares to sign an important arms treaty with the President of Russia. First Lady Martha Logan is disturbed about the morning's events. Jack learns that he's being framed for the attacks.
Subwayexplosion "Day 6: 7:00am-8:00am" 6 2 6AFF02 January 14, 2007
Jack finds out that Abu Fayed, not Assad, is behind the attacks, and manages to escape. Jack teams up with Assad to stop a suicide bomber on a subway. FBI agents search the Islamic-American Alliance offices in D.C. under dubious pretenses, to the chagrin of Sandra Palmer. Ahmed Amar implements Abu Fayed's plan in the suburbs.
7x24main "Day 7: 7:00am-8:00am" 7 24 7AFF24 May 18, 2009
Presented with the evidence of Olivia's actions, President Allison Taylor is forced to make a decision between her family and the Presidency. Thanks to Kim Bauer, Janis, Renee, and Chloe are able to save Jack and arrest Tony before he can kill Alan Wilson. With Wilson refusing to talk and Jack about to die, the fight is no longer in the field, it's for the hearts and souls of Jack and Renee.
8x16 main "Day 8: 7:00am-8:00am" 8 16 8AFF16 April 5, 2010
After her cover is blown, Dana Walsh agrees to give up President Hassan’s location in exchange for full immunity, but only if Jack Bauer leads the assault team. Cole Ortiz is forced to face the fact that Dana is the mole. Samir Mehran makes his final plans to execute Hassan live over the internet, but not before torturing him.

Expanded universe Edit

The GameEdit

Mission Number Synopsis
"Chase Found Out" 3 When he finds out about an attempt on the Vice President's life, undercover Chase Edmunds attempts to warn CTU.


Title Chapter Synopsis
Operation Hell Gate 11
Veto Power 5
Trojan Horse 3
Cat's Claw 1
Vanishing Point 20
Chaos Theory 12
Storm Force 3
Collateral Damage 1
Trinity 14
Head Shot 5
Death Angel 21
Deadline 15


Title Hour Synopsis
One Shot 22
Midnight Sun 19
Stories 20
Nightfall 8

Background information and notesEdit

  • This is the only hour to have two silent clocks. Both are for attempts made on the lives of Presidents (although the first one is not successful).
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