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8:00am-9:00am is the ninth hour after midnight in a solar day. Day 2 and Day 7 both begin and end at 8:00am, using PST and EST, respectively.


Picture Title Season Episode number Production code Original Airdate
S1e09f1 "Day 1: 8:00am-9:00am" 1 9 1AFF08 January 22, 2002
Sherry convinces Maureen Kingsley not to run her story on Keith by promising an exclusive on the assassination attempt at the breakfast. Jack breaks out of custody and begins to search for his family. Eli tries to rape Kim, but Teri offers herself instead. Jamey is found with her wrists slashed.
S2e1f05 "Day 2: 8:00am-9:00am" 2 1 2AFF01 October 29, 2002
President David Palmer learns that Second Wave is planning to set off a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles sometime during the day. George Mason is ordered to contact Jack Bauer, who isn't interested in returning to work, but changes his mind. Kim overhears her boss abusing his wife, so she locks herself and their little girl in the bedroom. Marie is marrying a man who may have connections to the leader of the terrorist group. Her sister Kate is suspicious.
S3ep20 "Day 3: 8:00am-9:00am" 3 20 3AFF20 April 27, 2004
Michelle finds out the results of her test as Adam finds out the virus has infected someone he knows. Jack tries to use Jane Saunders as leverage to force Stephen Saunders to surrender. Tony commits treason when Saunders exploits his only weakness.
S4ep2 "Day 4: 8:00am-9:00am" 4 2 4AFF02 January 9, 2005
Jack is reinstated to CTU and tries to find Chloe's friend, Andrew Paige, who discovered a hidden code on the Internet which may be connected to the terrorist attacks. The terrorists broadcast a video of Secretary Heller being held hostage.
Jackalive "Day 5: 8:00am-9:00am" 5 2 5AFF02 January 15, 2006
Jack and Chloe infiltrate Wayne Palmer's penthouse in hopes of finding a lead. Martha tries to convince her husband that she had a conversation with Palmer the night before. Cummings' ally — Nathanson — launches the next phase of his plan at the Ontario Airport.
Prisoners "Day 6: 8:00am-9:00am" 6 3 6AFF03 January 15, 2007
Jack and Hamri Al-Assad track one of Fayed's men. Ahmed Amar orders his classmate's father to deliver a package to Fayed. CTU discovers a wiring schematic for a nuclear device on a terrorist's laptop and learns of an elaborate plan to free a terrorist weapons programmer from the Palmdale Military Facility.
JackSenate7x01 "Day 7: 8:00am-9:00am" 7 1 7AFF01 January 11, 2009
Four years after Day 6, President Allison Taylor prepares for a military action to end the genocide occurring in Sangala under its dictator. Jack Bauer is appearing before a Senate committee to answer for CTU's human rights violations. However, he is removed from the questioning by FBI agent Renee Walker with a more urgent matter: that his old friend Tony Almeida is still alive and engaging in criminal activity.
8x17 main "Day 8: 8:00am-9:00am" 8 17 8AFF17 April 12, 2010
President Taylor urges Dalia Hassan to take up her dead husband's mantle, and enlists disgraced former President Charles Logan to investigate the Russians' withdrawal from the peace accords. Brian Hastings is removed as director of CTU New York, leaving a nervous Chloe O'Brian to take command. After a long night, Jack Bauer and Renee Walker consummate their growing attraction, unaware that someone is plotting to kill them.

Expanded universe Edit

The GameEdit

Mission Number Synopsis
"Following Daniels" 4 Jack tracks down the only lead to the threat against the Vice President, Robert Daniels.
"Daniels Takedown" 5 Jack follows Daniels to a large office building where he must find him before it is too late.


Title Chapter Synopsis
Operation Hell Gate 12
Veto Power 6
Trojan Horse 4
Cat's Claw 2
Vanishing Point 21
Chaos Theory 13
Storm Force 4
Collateral Damage 2
Trinity 15
Head Shot 6
Death Angel 22
Deadline 16


Title Hour Synopsis
One Shot 23
Midnight Sun 20
Stories 21
Nightfall 9

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