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9407 Hindry Place was the address of a house in West Los Angeles.

Day 6 Edit

Phillip Bauer, to cover up his involvement with the Russian terrorist ringleader Dmitri Gredenko, planned on sending mercenaries to kill him at his 9421 Glasgow hideout. But Phillip's own son Jack Bauer and a CTU team was very close to discovering before he could act. Having already murdered one son to protect himself and his corporate empire BXJ Technologies, Phillip was also willing to murder Jack, so he ordered his head of security, Liddy, to have a random building wired with explosives. Kozelek Hacker and two other mercenaries then went to 9407 Hindry Place and planted some bombs. Meanwhile Phillip forced Marilyn Bauer to misdirect Jack and his CTU TAC team to 9407 Hindry. The building was gutted when the bombs detonated, and only Jack survived because he had time to leap through a window after spotting the threat.

Outside, Milo Pressman and Marilyn ran away as Hacker and the other mercenaries came to capture Marilyn. Jack regained consciousness a short time later and rescued them both in a nearby parking lot.


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