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This article's subject relates to Season 6 of 24.

9421 Glasgow was the address of the house in Los Angeles, California where the Soviet ultranationalist Dmitri Gredenko had his first base of operations during Day 6.

Before Day 6[]

Gredenko met with Graem Bauer at this address at least once to plan the theft of five suitcase nuclear devices. Graem was secretly followed by his wife Marilyn, who was suspecting that Graem was carrying on an affair with another woman. When she heard her husband speaking to men with Russian accents, she departed and did not think about it again. She was unaware that Graem and his father Phillip were being blackmailed by Gredenko for their part in the Sentox nerve gas conspiracy.

Day 6[]

Gredenko, his programmer Victor, and at least three others were present in the hideout. They remained there until sometime shortly after 3:30pm, when Gredenko deduced correctly that the location would likely be exposed soon.

CTU raids 9421 Glasgow

Phillip Bauer forced his daughter-in-law Marilyn to lead Jack Bauer and his CTU team away from the Gredenko address to 9407 Hindry Place. This alternate address was wired with a hidden bomb by Phillip's man Kozelek Hacker and two other mercenaries, and was meant to wipe out Jack and his team. (Phillip's next goal was to send Hacker to murder Gredenko at 9421 Glasgow to cover up the fact that Gredenko had blackmailed him for five suitcase nuclear devices; Phillip was unsuccessful.)

By the time another CTU tactical unit stormed 9421 Glasgow, Gredenko and his men had already left.