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9:00pm-10:00pm (or 21:00-22:00 in 24-hour time) is the twenty-second hour after midnight in a solar day.

24 Declassified: Operation Hell Gate begins and ends at 9:00pm EDT.


Picture Title Season Episode Production code Airdate
S1e22f3 "Day 1: 9:00pm-10:00pm" 1 22 1AFF21 May 7, 2002
Ryan Chappelle refuses to trade Alexis for Jack, so Nina calls in a favor from David Palmer, who promises George Mason a promotion if he makes the trade. Sherry Palmer enlists campaign worker Patty Brooks to spy on her husband and sleep with him if necessary. The Drazens take Alexis but destroy the homing device CTU planted on him. Jack is released, but Kim is still a captive.
S2e14 "Day 2: 9:00pm-10:00pm" 2 14 2AFF14 February 25, 2003
Jack and Kate try to break Marie's resolve so they can learn the location of the bomb. Palmer confronts his ex-wife with the information that Stanton gave them. George finally steps down as director of CTU and hands the position over to Tony. Kim discovers her host's deception.
S3ep9 "Day 3: 9:00pm-10:00pm" 3 9 3AFF09 January 6, 2004
President Palmer learns of a conflict involving one of his biggest contributors and Wayne. Kim and Michelle question Tony's ability to make decisions. Jack and the Salazars face an unexpected competitor when they go to buy the virus.
S4ep15 "Day 4: 9:00pm-10:00pm" 4 15 4AFF15 March 28, 2005
Marwan offers to trade Jack for Behrooz in order to distract CTU from possibly investigating the death of an Air Force family. Mitch Anderson runs into problems at the Air Force Base. Meanwhile, on Air Force One, President Keeler is having problems finding a suitable way to address the nation after such a trying day.
JackExplosion "Day 5: 9:00pm-10:00pm" 5 15 5AFF15 March 27, 2006
Jack is forced to interrogate Audrey when he learned that she might be connected to Bierko and the terrorists. Wayne Palmer and Aaron Pierce flee from armed men who have orders from Christopher Henderson to kill them. Vladimir Bierko and his men execute the next phase of attacks by targeting a gas company and releasing the Sentox gas throughout Los Angeles.
S06e16 "Day 6: 9:00pm-10:00pm" 6 16 6AFF16 April 2, 2007
Upon invoking the 25th Amendment, Vice President Daniels shows he is not above perjuring himself in order to obtain the Presidency. Gredenko reluctantly helps CTU capture Fayed. President Palmer resorts to risky medical treatments to maintain consciousness.
Jack-mayer "Day 7: 9:00pm-10:00pm" 7 14 7AFF14 March 16, 2009
With the help of an unlikely ally, Jack begins to piece together the connection between the Sangalan terrorism and Starkwood. After some damaging information is leaked to the media, Ethan Kanin suspects Olivia's involvement. At FBI headquarters, Morris O'Brian, with his wife still in holding, is forced to make a difficult decision.
8x06a "Day 8: 9:00pm-10:00pm" 8 6 8AFF06 February 1, 2010
Kevin Wade coerces Dana into getting him into an NYPD evidence lock-up worth more than a hundred thousand dollars. President Omar Hassan's harsh measures against dissenters continue to raise eyebrows at the United Nations. After a brush with death, "Renee Zadan" gets the sting operation back on track, but not without a horrifying concession to Vladimir Laitanan.
Lx11 main "Day 9: 9:00pm-10:00pm" LAD 11 9AFF11 July 7, 2014
10x10 Bin-Khalid upset "Day 10: 9:00pm-10:00pm" LEG 10 1AZK10 April 03, 2017

Expanded universe Edit

The GameEdit

Mission Number Synopsis
"Locating the Bombs" 32 CTU discovers the location of the bomb sites.
"Tony Leads a Team to the Bomb" 33 Tony leads a team to defuse the first bomb.
"Bomb Defusal" 34 The bomb squad attempts to deactivate the bomb.
"Jack Leads a Team to the Bomb" 35 Jack leads a team to a second bomb, and takes out surveying snipers.
"Attack on the Bomb Site" 36 Jack defends Landis as she defuses the bomb. Chase learns that Madsen and Sin-Chung were not acting alone.


Title Chapter Synopsis
Operation Hell Gate 1
Veto Power 19
Trojan Horse 17
Cat's Claw 15
Vanishing Point 10
Chaos Theory 2 Ryan Chappelle unexpectedly passes out during a CTU briefing and is rushed to the hospital. In the prison, Jack Bauer realizes that MS-13 has placed a bounty on his head.
Storm Force 17
Collateral Damage 15
Trinity 4
Head Shot 19
Death Angel 11
Deadline 5


Title Hour Synopsis
One Shot 12
Midnight Sun 9
Stories 10
Nightfall 22

Background information and notesEdit

  • 24's real life time slot on Fox was 9:00pm-10:00pm on the east and west coasts throughout its original run.
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