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The AK-47 was a type of assault rifle. It was a popular choice of weapon with terrorists.

Soldiers at the Drazen compound carried this weapon during Operation Nightfall. (Findings at CTU)

During Day 1, mercenaries at the Gaines compound as well as several of Harris's team members carried AK rifles. On Day 2, the men coordinating with Jack Bauer during the interrogation of Syed Ali were also carrying these rifles. Several thugs of the Salazar drug cartel used these firearms during Day 3. Many of the terrorists working under Habib Marwan on Day 4, including many of Omar's men, carried this type of firearm. The Dawn Brigade separatists had a preference for this weapon during Day 5.

The AK was also a popular choice of firearm for many of the People's Freedom Army members during their military coup in Sangala. Additionally, soldiers working under head terrorist Iké Dubaku at the Stanswick Power Plant carried this firearm during Day 7. On Day 9, Cheng Zhi's thugs carried AK rifles, as did Belcheck when handing Jack Bauer over to the Russians.

The AK-47 was seen numerous times on 24. For the full list of appearances, see Rifles on 24.

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