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This article's subject relates to the 24 expanded universe.

Aaron Biehn was a friend of Kim Bauer's. His father was Don, and his mother was Carianne.

Before Trinity[edit | edit source]

Aaron Biehn was born to Don and Carianne Biehn. He was a fan of the band Lido Beach. Raised Catholic, the Biehn family frequently attended Mass at St. Monica's Cathedral, where Aaron's mother's was an active member. Carianne had high respect for the priest, referring to them as "the apple of God's eye" (a phrase also said by Aaron's grandmother who lived in Dublin).

Going to St. Monica's regularly, Aaron caught the attention of the resident priests. For three years, priests Frank Giggs and Sam Collins had molested him. Not being able to tell anyone, Aaron wrote about it in his Journal, where he described the experience as being choked and gagged on a weekly basis.

Later in life, Aaron attended school with Kim Bauer, Janet York, Lindsay Needham, Luke, and Dean. He took a romantic interest in Janet. The two were caught behind the gym bleachers one time, leading his friends to assume promiscuity between the two.

Trinity[edit | edit source]

Aaron, along with Kim, Janet York, Lindsay Needham, Luke and Dean, was playing Truth or Dare. After Kim had to kiss Dean, Aaron picked a "Truth". Kim asked if he had ever been touched, and Aaron, clearly traumatized, ran away. Kim went to find him and Aaron revealed that he had been touched by his priest, Father Frank.

Aaron tried to tell his father, Don, about the incident, but could not bring himself to do so. He tried to kill himself whilst in the bath, but Don and Carianne, Aaron's mother, found him in time and called an ambulance. Don found Aaron's diary and discovered the abuse by Frank. He avenged the atrocity committed to Aaron by murdering Frank Giggs.

When last mentioned, Aaron was still said to be in critical condition.

Live appearances[edit | edit source]

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