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Abdul Ali was the terrorist responsible for the explosion of Alaska Airlines Flight 442. He worked for Abdul Rahman Yasin, a terrorist responsible for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Abdul Ali initially attended a meeting in Peshawar, in northern Pakistan, close to the tribal regions that bordered Afghanistan. That area was a hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism, and allowed him to connect with other fundamentalist Muslims.

As part of the plan to assassinate Pope John Paul II created by Yasin, a bomb made of C-4 plastic explosive was put in his arm. The bomb was planted by Ghulam Mejab Khalid. Abdul was the first recipient, one of three, and he had been done early on so that his arm would have plenty of time to heal. He was to arrive at the Unity Conference, where he would meet with the Pope, and a receiver planted in his arm by Michael Shalhoub would then be detonated, killing him and the Pope instantly.

On the way to Los Angeles from Alaska, on Alaska Airlines Flight 442, Abdul Ali was served a tomato juice by Claire, a stewardess. It was then that the bomb in his arm activated, sending the airplane into flames over the Pacific Ocean.

Neither Khalid nor Yasin understood how it happened, but they had to find a replacement. Yasin chose to have an unwitting messenger this time. He chose Father Sam Collins of the St. Monica's Cathedral.

When Flight 442 was investigated by Diana Christie, she found several anomalies in the wreckage, and determined that the explosion had to have been caused by a bombing. With the help of the Counter Terrorist Unit, Christie's theories were confirmed. This led Jack Bauer to discover the plot against the Pope, and prevent it.

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