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Abo was one of General Benjamin Juma's top soldiers in the raid on the White House on Day 7.

Day 7 Edit

Abo was already infiltrated in the White House as a utility employee. Shortly after 7:00pm, he was working at the White House's basement waiting for Juma's signal. When one of his co-workers came in, Abo killed him and revealed a passage for Juma and his men to come in. When they entered, one of the men gave Abo a set of military fatigues for him to change.

When President Taylor locked herself in the White House's safe room, Juma ordered Abo to try and shoot the door down. However, President Taylor managed to coerce Bauer to unlock it himself, thus exposing herself to Juma. After awhile, Juma ordered Abo to bring the President to the front so she could read a statement.

When Buchanan sacrificed himself to spark an explosion, a gunfight ensued and Abo was killed in the process.

Live appearancesEdit

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